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Cambodia Sex

Cambodia is an extremely rugged and dangerous country to visit. As a result, it attracts few tourists, especially from Western countries. Most of the Westerners male who go to Cambodia are experienced travelers coming from Thailand to do either a quick 3-5 day visit or a visa run. Those who are doing a visa run either live or are staying long term in Thailand. Their visa has expired and Cambodia is one of the easiest countries to go to renew one’s visa. Once they renew their visa, they will quickly hope on a plane and return to Thailand, the land of pleasure. Those who are coming for a quick visit are usually among the brave few who have been to Thailand many times and are looking to explore new sex playgrounds. Other tourists who come to Cambodia are backpackers and adventure seekers interested in seeing the Angkor Temple Complex, the world’s largest religious monument.

Why Go?
"Most of the single male tourists who come to Cambodia are coming from Thailand you can fly out of Bangkok or Pattaya to do a visa run. In other words, they are coming here because they have to, not because they find it so desirable. Such tourists usually stay in Cambodia a short 3-5 days, then return to Thailand proving Thailand is the place to be, not Cambodia. Indeed, many tourists only ride by mini bus across the border into Cambodia for a one day trip rushing back to paradise i.e., Thailand as quickly as possible.

Few, if any, single male tourists fly directly into Cambodia as a primary vacation destination. Cambodia offers little or nothing in terms of fun or comfort i.e., security, dining, shopping, sightseeing, etc.. There is almost nothing in terms of nightlife no Go Go bars, no topless bars, no Pattaya style beer bars overflowing with girls and only a handful of "short time" brothels and massage parlors, most of which you will find quite sleazy and depressing.  The brothels, unlike Thailand or the Philippines, are set up for locals, not tourists. What that means is you will probably find them extremely uncomfortable. For example, western style toilets, showers, air-conditioning, clean sheets, towels, even cushioned beds are a rarity in most of the brothels. Shortly, we'll name the best and cleanest places to go .

Outside of the red light district, the capital Phnom Pehn offers almost nothing in the way of entertainment or comforts of home no movie theaters, water parks, air conditioned malls, etc.. Most of you will find the place extremely boring and like the vast majority of male tourists who come for the sex, will find a 5 day trip too long as it is and be anxious to return back to Thailand where the word fun was invented.

So why go to Cambodia? Outside of a visa run for those of you who are hanging long term in Thailand, you are advised not to waste your time or risk your life. The country has little to offer and what sexual pleasures await you can be all too easily duplicated, in a much safer and enjoyable environment, in Thailand.

While you can expect to certainly get laid every single day of your stay, don’t expect to find much in the way of nightlife. There are no strip clubs, Go-Go bars, high class disco’s, sex shows, or any of the wild and fun stuff you will find in Thailand. Most of the action will be found during the day at the low class brothels and massage parlors where you will be sharing the women often with the local Khmer boys. The brothels are pimp controlled and it is not unusual for a male pimp to gently grab you and with the help of a cluster of girls, “force” you into the brothel. During the evening there are only two or three places to go to pick up on girls and once you burn out on these places, you know it’s time to move on to another country.
The sex scene is primarily, with the exception of Martini’s Pub and Sharkey’s bar, brothel oriented and pimp controlled. What that means is things are set up so you fuck the prostitute in the brothel itself, not in your hotel room like you would with an Angeles City Philippines or Pattaya Beach Thailand hooker. It also means you generally must go through a pimp to get to the girl, rather than deal with the girl on her own terms. The prostitutes that work the brothels are either Vietnamese or Khmer girls or half and half, averaging the age of sixteen to twenty-nine. Most are very short and petite, giving the appearance of children. These girls fuck for money, period. Unlike the Filipina's who desire love, marriage and romance with their customers, most Cambodian hookers are professionals mostly with hearts of stone. Once you fuck them and pay them, you no longer exist. Unless of course, you overpaid them, in which they will certainly be back for more. Outside of Martini’s Pub and Sharkey’s bar, which cater exclusively to male tourists, the prostitutes service primarily local Khmer men. What that means is the sex scene, with few exceptions, caters to the local Khmers, not for the tourists. That’s why, if you go to Toul Kork for example, you’ll find yourself feeling faint of heart when you see the horrid conditions of the room that you are expected to have sex in. Most of the brothels offer short time sex although you can pay for all night, expecting you to drop your pants, spring a hard-on, and shoot your load at the drop of hat, so the next customer can make his way in. This makes the sex scene in Cambodia very impersonal and cold, with the hookers pussy functioning only as a vendor in which you can shoot your load. There is no time for “getting to know one another” and little opportunity to “spend time together”. While the girls of Martini’s Pub and Sharkey’s bar give somewhat of an impression that your time together is special, that is an illusion. The girls are there only to make money off of you and then move on to the next guy. That is the reality of the sex scene in Cambodia. Perfect for the guy who just wants to shoot his load with no strings attached, not the scene for the guy who wants to fall madly in love with the hooker doll of his dreams. Not to say you cannot meet a girl in the brothels who will make good companionship, but most are pros just in it for the money.

Surprisingly, you will find both Khmer Cambodian and Vietnamese women working the red light districts. Vietnamese girls have migrated into Cambodia to work the sex trade probably because the pay is better and there is less problems with the police. Neither the Khmer nor Vietnamese women speak much English. By comparison, the Thai bar girls are English scholars, really. Khmer girls tend to be much darker skinned, with black and somewhat frizzy hair. The Vietnamese girls have much lighter skin, pinker nipples and more of the expected slanted eye look. There are reports that the Vietnamese girls give better service sexually i.e., BJ’s, but that has yet to be proven. Both Khmer and Vietnamese prostitutes are money oriented although to us the cost is next to nothing and once you have paid and the sex is over with, they will move on to the next customer. You will be hard pressed to find girls who, like the Filipinas, who are relationship or marriage minded. This is to your advantage as you will find less jealously and possessiveness meaning taking two, three, four or even five girls at the same time will simply not be a problem.

Next to free, it does not get much cheaper. Most of the major brothels and massage parlors charge $5 for short time sex. All night generally will cost you $20 to $25. There have been reports of a few places where sex goes for as little as $2. This is what most of the local Khmer men pay when frequenting a brothel.

In the low class brothels, such as Svay Pak also known as kilometer or Km. 11, Tuol Kork, and the low class massage parlors, the going rate for the tourist is $4-$5 for short time plus a $1 to $2 tip if the girl was really good. Short time means one fuck, lasting fifteen to twenty minutes. If you take longer than that, expect the other girls to start pounding on your door wondering what’s taking so long. If you take a free lance prostitute out of Martini’s, Sharky’s, the boat houses, etc., the going rate is $10 for short time for most girls. On occasion you will get a spoiled bitch who thinks she is above everyone else thanks to some tourist over paying her and therefore will ask $15. Such a girl usually turns out to be no better a performer than the rest, so I would not advise going with such a girl or paying her such an inflated rate. You should add a $1 tip for motorbike fare to all the girls, except the $15 girl. She’s already overcharged you as it is. Most of the time you will be expected pay at the end of the session, after sex, not in advance. I would be very leery of any free lance who asks to pay in advance. By the way, you can also pay these girls in Thai baht. They will all know the exact exchange rate.

How Do You Determine Their Age: Most of the prostitutes do not carry ID cards with them. If they do, it won’t do you much good, unless you read the Khmer or Vietnamese language. It’s impossible to know a Khmer or Vietnamese hookers true age as it’s the nature of her and her pimp to lie, having you believe she is the age she thinks you want her to be. If, for example, a hooker thinks you want a young girl, she will tell you she is only 14 or whatever age group you seem interested in. If she thinks you want a more mature woman, presto! The 14 year old is now 19. Thus it’s difficult to know the true age of any prostitute in Cambodia. To complicate things more, you cannot tell the age of an Asian merely by looks. Many of the prostitutes look much younger than they really are, usually due to their body size. You can know this by asking the age of the street children who are not so apt to lie about their age and compare their size and physical maturity with the prostitutes. You will be shocked at how young all of them appear one kid on the street looked like she was only about seven and turned out to be thirteen; another looked eleven and was sixteen. Another way is to ask your taxi driver, especially if he is married with children, the age of any girl. He will be able to approximate the true age of a girl with little exaggeration. Most of the time, you will think the prostitute is several years younger than their true age. This is what trips up the anti-sex groups with their highly distorted statistics of children working the brothels in Cambodia.

Although prostitution is technically illegal, the police turn their back by way of bribery. There are crackdowns usually because the police want more money and the brothel owners refuse to pay and this forces the red light scene to change and move to another area. Tourists are rarely bothered when partaking in the sex industry unless there is an underage under 16 girl involved. The legal age of consent is 16 and you are strongly advised to stay clear of anything younger than that. To be safe, if you bring any girls to your hotel, make sure they are obviously i.e., have mature face, nice size breasts, etc. of age. NGO’s non governmental organizations have been known to call the police when spotting a tourist with what appears to be an underage girl.


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